Eyebrows, Nose and Body Hair

The connection between body hair and age is unfortunately older than Pythagoras’ theorem. At the same rate that hair growth diminishes on the head, it increases on the rest of the body.


We are all in agreement that wild eyebrows that have built a bridge over the top of the nose are not a becoming attribute. The good news is that this can be taken care of quickly and almost pain free. Take out a pair of tweezers.

Grasp the hair close to the skin, and pull quickly and determinedly in the direction of the hair growth. Try to make a distance between the eyebrows about as wide as your thumb. You can do the same with hairs that are too bushy in the eyebrow itself, either if they grow upwards into your forehead or downwards toward the eye. Remember not to pluck too much; the goal is not to get your girlfriend’s shapely eyebrows. You should just trim a little.

Be prepared that it can be a little red around the plucked area. This usually disappears after about 10 minutes or go to a spa that regularly do men’s treatments, having them waxed is faster than plucking.

We recommend the UConcept Day Spa on 0141 339 5100.

Nose and Ear Hair

Nose hair is definitely one of the things you do not want to show! And consider that a shorter person standing close to you has a full view of them. Nose hair is best trimmed with an electric nose hair trimmer, but if you don’t have one of these, a pair of small, accurate scissors will also work, preferably blunt.

Do like this: press the end of your nose upwards so you can reach properly. Don’t remove all the hair from the nose; it is needed to catch particles and impurities when you breathe in. A few millimetres into the nostril should be sufficient. Never pull out a nose hair. This can cause infections in the hair follicles.

The same thing is true for ear hairs. Trim! It is not nice-looking to have large bouquets of hair sticking out of the ears. Our stylists trim your ears and eyebrows as a matter of course, as well as cleaning up your neck with the razor.