Hair Tips

Every hair strand is covered with small scales. For hair to be as shiny as possible, these scales should lie smoothly and nicely along the strand. At the root of every hair strand there is a hair follicle, and next to this there is an oil-producing gland. This gland plays a large role in the appearance and quality of the hair strand, since it is the nutrition from this oil gland that helps the scales to stay smooth and even.

Genes, styling products and the environment you spend time in are examples of factors that affect the hair. If you spend time in a dry environment, or wash your hair very often, there is a large risk that the nutrition that the oil glands produce will not be enough or will be washed away. The result will be dull and lifeless hair.

If you belong to the other category with overactive oil-producing glands, the problem is the opposite. It doesn’t take long after washing the hair that the hair once again seems unwashed and unclean.

Research within hair care has made great progress the last years. Today there are several high quality products that can compensate for the hair’s built-in weaknesses, almost irregardless of what the problem is.